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PM Modi Slams Bihar CM Nitish Kumar’s Controversial Remarks, Calls Them Shameful

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In a strong response to Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar’s recent comments on population control, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi criticized Kumar sharply, stating that the leader of the INDIA alliance had insulted the nation before the global audience. While addressing a political rally in Madhya Pradesh’s Guna, PM Modi did not directly mention Nitish Kumar’s name but condemned the derogatory remarks made within the state assembly.

“He has no shame… will they stoop so low,” remarked the Prime Minister, expressing his dismay at the CM’s comments. Modi questioned the credibility of a politician who represents the INDIA alliance and indulges in such behavior, emphasizing that no leader from the alliance condemned these derogatory remarks made in the presence of women politicians.

“A politician who acts as the flag bearer of the INDIA alliance and plays various games to challenge the current central government made unimaginable and obscene remarks inside the assembly. He lacks shame. Not a single leader from the INDIA alliance spoke against this insult to women. Those who hold such views about women, can they truly work for your well-being? Can they safeguard your honor?” Modi questioned, expressing his concern about the dignity of women being compromised.

The Prime Minister also expressed his disappointment over the damage done to India’s reputation globally due to such comments. He assured the public, especially women, that he would do everything in his power to uphold their honor.

In response, Chief Minister Nitish Kumar issued an apology for his remarks, acknowledging their derogatory nature. “I apologize and retract my words. If my words were offensive, I am sorry. My intention was never to hurt anyone. I have always advocated for education as a means of population control and supported women’s empowerment and development,” Kumar stated.

Former Bihar Chief Minister Rabri Devi defended Kumar’s statement, referring to it as a slip of the tongue during an explanation about caste census. She emphasized that Kumar had already apologized for the inadvertent remarks.

Amidst the controversy, a complaint has been filed against CM Nitish Kumar in a Bihar court by lawyer Anil Kumar Singh. The complaint addresses the explicit comments made by Kumar and highlights the need for legal action. The court hearing for the matter is scheduled for November 25.

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